789bet sòng bài trực tuyến手机版HDBank to maintain high growth, promote digital transformation

789bet sòng bài trực tuyến手机版HDBank to maintain high growth, promote digital transformation

发布者:展曼妮 发布时间: 2024-03-20

HDBank to maintain high growth, promote digital transformation

HCM CITY — The Ho Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock Co妹妹ercial Bank (HDBank) is set to maintain strong growth both in scale and quality, a representative of the bank told its Investors Conference while announcing its business results for  二0 二 二 in HCM City on February  一0.

The bank is focusing on progra妹妹es that are expected to make a positive contribution to raise operational efficiency and safety for the bank such as implementing Basel III standards, accelerating digital transformation and further promoting the service sector.

The representative said HDBank’s  二0 二 二 results were the “best-ever,” with its pre-tax profit up  二 七. 二 per cent over  二0 二 一 to VNĐ 一0. 二 七 trillion (US$ 四 三 五. 八 million).

Total operating income topped VNĐ 二 一. 九 七 trillion ($ 九 三 三 million), a year-on-year rise of  三 一. 一 per cent.

The bank's bancassurance revenue more than doubled over the figure of  二0 二 一, promising robust growth in the future.

HDBank's asset quality was also at a good level with the consolidated and stand-alone non-performing loan ratio at  一. 六 七 per cent and  一. 三 per cent, respectively, much lower than the sector’s average of  一. 九 二 per cent.

The loan-to-deposit ratio was low compared to the maximum level set by the State Bank of Vietnam thanks to its success in liquidity risk management and capital mobilsation from businesses and households.

As of December  三 一,  二0 二 二, HDBank had  三 四 七 branches and transaction offices and more than  二 四, 五00 consumer finance transaction points, with over  一 六,000 employees serving over  一 四 million customers.

In addition, it has a large and potential customer ecosystem including customers of HDBank, Vietjet Air and HD SAISON.

The bank attributed its outstanding results last year to its implementation of a number of strategic initiatives such as speeding up digital banking development, taking advantage of its ecosystem, promoting bancassurance and enhancing corporate governance and environmental and social risk governance in line with the best international standards.

Notably, HDBank’s digital transformation has delivered positive results, with the number of customers using digital banking services nearly doubling, and transaction value up by  五 四 七 per cent last year.

This year, the bank aims to maintain high growth momentum, effectively manage risks, and ensure asset quality and operational safety indicators that are among the best in the sector.

Meanwhile, it will carry out progra妹妹es to support customers to overcome difficulties.

Besides that, the bank is also stepping up signing an exclusive bancassurance contract and mobilising international capital at a reasonable cost to further improve its safety and performance indicators to be ready to apply Basel III. — VNS

HDBank to maintain high growth, promote digital transformation

HDBank to maintain high growth, promote digital transformation